Camellét is a Colombian brand where we innovate and create multifunctional design pieces in leather.

We seek to reinvent the idea of luxury by creating bags and accessories that can be used on different occasions, ensuring the details and high quality of our products with a strong sense of invention.

Having a unique identity and attention to detail of the leather work, our iconic handle is cut from recycled wood and lined with leather by hand, each of our bags are handcrafted and ethically made by expert Colombian artisans using the best leathers.

Andrea Camacho, creative director of CAMELLÉT, pursuing her aesthetic sensibility and passion for design and art, begins this project with her thesis on Industrial Engineering. Later, she took a leather goods course at the Santo Domingo school of the arts, and in love with this world, she decided to deepen into this art by studying at the Scuola Arsutoria in Milan, construction and pattern making of Bags, where she learned to see the work in detail of a leather bag with the best Italian techniques.

In our designs the clean lines and volumes are characteristic, expressing the contradictions of the world, being daring but with a strong elegance. The experimental approach to materials, functions and techniques gives the brand an unmistakable style and versatility that combines engineering and design, accompanied by the excellence of the fine leather tradition.

All this is possible thanks to the talented Colombian artisans who give life to the bags conceived as designer objects.